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The Performance Enhancement Gym is my private gym where I train athletes of all levels.

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Every sport is different and every workout needs to cater to the athlete. We only do custom workout plans to improve your body and mind for your sport.

Professional Trainer

Dan has an Masters Degree in Sports Psychology and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. He’s also a three time national power lifting champion.


Get Results

From physical training to mental coaching, coach will give you results that will get you ahead in your sports and in life.



D.B. Fitness LLC offers a wide range of dynamic personalized training & sports specific training for professional athletes. D.B. Fitness will meet all your fitness needs through a comprehensive fitness evaluation to determine your current fitness level. Then together we will set up the best program to help you reach your peak fitness level based on YOUR goals. Your professional program will be set up to meet the five components of an athletes fitness:

1. Cardiovascular Endurance – Improving your ability to increase your Oxidative system.
2. Muscle Strength – Improving an Athlete’s proper Bio-Energy Systems for advanced performance.
3. Muscle Endurance – To with stand physical bouts over 2-3 minutes! MMA! Powerlifting! boxing! Football.
4. Flexibility – Improving Muscular Elasticity for increased Hypertrophy! Football! Power hitter in Baseball.
5. Body Composition – Increasing muscle mass to increase explosion power and reduce excess fat.

Whatever your Sport or Personal Training Goal is, D.B. Fitness “Mental Preparation” in Strength & Conditioning will help you enhance your mind and body connection. For more information please contact D.B. Fitness directly. “LET’S MAKE SOME MONEY ON THE FIELD!”

D.B. Fitness LLC
CEO Daniel Bedford
MS Sports Psychology , Certified Strength Coach
Phone/email: (760) 450-8435 /
Instagram: @dbfitnessnow | Facebook: D.B. Fitness LLC

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